Andrea Di Pierno



I’m currently beginning a national PhD program in Cybersecurity at the IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca

PhD studies
Career progression 0%

I completed my Master’s Degree Course with a thesis on simulating and countering fake news dynamics’.

MSc studies
Career progression 100%
Thesis: A hybrid environment for the simulation and analisys of fake news’dynamics: model enhancement and experimentation

Supervisor: Prof. Malandrino Delfina | Year: 2023

What i have learned:

Cloud Computing curriculum:
Cloud computing basics, Parallel and concurrent programming on cloud, Geographical networks, Distributed architectures for cloud
IT Security curriculum:
IT Security basics, Cybersecurity, Secure programming, Penetration testing and ethical hacking, cryptography elements
Other activities:
Compilers, Advanced algorithms, Enterprise mobile applications development, Data compression

I completed my Bachelor’s Degree Course with a thesis on Genetic algorithms executed on Cloud.

BSc studies
Career progression 100%
Thesis: Implementazione di Algoritmi Genetici in Linguaggio FLY

Supervisor: Prof. Scarano Vittorio | Year: 2021

What i have learned:

CS basics:
Imperative Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Elaborators’ Architecture, Discrete Maths, Mathematical methods for CS, Statistics and probability.
CS specific formation:
Databases, Web Programming, Networking, Algorithm design, Operating Systems, Distributed Programming, Software Engineering, Operations Research and Elements of Computational Theory.
Optional activities:
Mobile Programming, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics and Apple Foundation Program

Working Experiences

2018 – 2021 
AppQuality Srl

Role: Tester

Duties: Testing software for other companies using the most common blackbox or whitebox testing methods. Analyzing the User Experience and the User Interface. Doing Performances Testing and producing relations about the results.


Linguistical Skills

Native Language
B1 – High School Education
B2 CEFR Certification from Trinity College London

Communication and Management Skills

I acquired great communication and management skills, thanks to the projects needed to complete exams in my bachelor’s degree course. Thanks to teamworking and my working experiences i also learned how to manage small teams and divide duties and responsibilities through the members. Moreover, speaking three different languages gave me the opportunity to improve my communicational skills.